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Researchers suspected that Greenland sharks' exceptionally slow growth meant that they lived a long time, but they had no idea just how long that might be. A new study provides the first estimates for Greenland shark longevity, and shows that these slowpokes of the sea stick around a very long time — at least 272 years, and perhaps as long as 390 years on average, making them longer-lived than any other vertebrate in the world.

[In Photos: Seeing Sharks Up Close] Finding the age of any type of shark isn't easy, and the Greenland shark () is especially challenging, according to study co-author Julius Nielsen, a marine biologist and doctoral candidate at the University of Copenhagen.

Though this remote, barren desert is mostly lifeless, there are clues that point to a deeper story-- a mystery-- which has been unfolding here for centuries and which has left many scientists perplexed. Seals frequent the coastline here as part of their seasonal migration, and the dry conditions are ideal for natural mummification should any seal become wounded and die.

Scattered haphazardly amongst the Valleys' loose, colorless gravel lay something you'd usually expect to find in an ancient Egyptian desert instead: mummies. But what makes these mummified seals so mysterious is the fact that some of them have been found up to 41 miles inland and as high as 5,900 feet above sea level.

When he recaptured it in 1952, it had grown by just 8 centimeters—a rate of half a centimeter a year.

If these sharks grow steadily, it would take centuries for one to reach its maximum 7-meter length. You can often work out how old a shark is by counting the growth rings in its vertebrae, as you would the rings in a tree trunk.

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Since many of the mummies appear to be juveniles, it's also possible that an undeveloped sense of direction is to blame.Click here to return to the page you were visiting.The table of archaeological finds below, presented to me by Dr. Taylor, the curator of the Egypt Department of the British Museum in London, reveals a mud brick with straw which is stamped with a royal seal which says: “House of Ramses ll”.The solution involved a technique that had been used to find the age of some whale species: peering into the lenses of the sharks' eyes.Nielsen told Live Science that the transparent tissue in the eye lens is metabolically inactive and that new layers are added throughout the shark's lifetime.Greenland sharks, on the other hand, are "very soft sharks," Nielsen said, and they don't have any bony structures at all.