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Brown said he’s taking some time away from work but intends to return.

Both Brown and Cassidy are married with school-age children.

Sex work has a long history as a hot-button topic, and it continues to remain newsworthy throughout the country. Attacks raise fears in area – predator – sex trade.

This public discussion in some contexts has privileged certain lobbyists and so-called advocates, disregarding or distorting the voices of sex workers themselves.

In a written statement, Brown admitted to the relationship with Cassidy, calling it a “grave error in judgement on my part.” “I can confirm what some have speculated. (with Cassidy) for a brief period of time,” he wrote, adding it “ended some time ago.” Brown didn’t attend Tuesday’s council meeting, with deputy mayor Paul Hubert citing “a family issue.” [np_storybar title=”Read the mayor’s full statement” link=”#codeword” ] [/np_storybar ] No one answered the door when a Free Press reporter visited Brown’s home Tuesday night.

Over the past many months, during a period of intense workload, I developed a close working relationship and ultimately an inappropriate personal relationship . The lights were off and blinds drawn on the two-storey home in a northwest London suburb.

Besides practical help, the women spoke about the need to have a place to not only be safe, but feel safe.

“Over time, we developed a very close and highly productive working relationship,” Cassidy said in prepared remarks.“Unfortunately, the relationship between the mayor and me, for a brief period of time, crossed a professional boundary.” In a city with a long run of mayoral scandals going back 20 years, Tuesday’s dramatics set off another.Cassidy declined to take questions, but her comments suggest she may still return as councillor for north-end Ward 5 after her leave of absence ends.This territory is starkly heteronormative, reinforcing gendered stereotypes and naturalizing certain types of heterosexual behaviour while ignoring a spectrum of other realities. College Composition and Communication, 57(1), 45-82. By analysizing depictions of sex work published for 2013 in the , a politically centre-right newspaper printed in a midsized Canadian city, this paper provides analysis of articles about sex work in the local-regional context of London, Ontario (Canada). Fact and fiction: Representations of prostitution in contemporary British news media and novels (Unpublished doctoral dissertation).