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Such interviews are typically conducted over the phone and/or by Skype.

As in any job interview, you want to do the best possible job in selling your qualifications, presenting yourself as a professional and convincing your potential employer that you are the best possible person for the job, but here are some particular points to help you master interviews for teaching English abroad conducted over Skype and the phone.

In other cases, you will apply and interview for jobs in advance from home.

This is typical for positions teaching English in the Arab Gulf countries, China, South Korea, Taiwan, Indonesia, European countries like Turkey and Russia, and some Latin American countries (Chile, Colombia, and Mexico, in particular).

The light is fading and our faces are blurred, but we are clearly cackling with laughter as someone reads aloud from one of the pieces of paper we are all clutching in our claws.

We have brought shoeboxes stuffed with our old photographs and notes and letters kept from school, to reminisce about our teenage angst over first kisses and awkward teenage discos and spots and braces and dodgy crushes, and whether we’d ever save enough babysitting money to buy those gorgeous nylon Susst tracksuit bottoms from the Motion Picture window in Dun Laoghaire Shopping Centre.

Presumably, this helps prevent them from making catastrophic marketing mistakes (a la Pepsi), but you also get to help launch new products, give input on surveys, and tell people what you think.

Some companies pay big bucks: “You can make up to 0 a session doing this,” reports one expert.

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Five of us are clustered around a table, the sixth behind the camera; it is the first time my group of closest girlfriends from school are all together in as long as we can remember, as the first of us turned 30 in July 2013.Similarly to focus groups, working as a beta tester for new apps is a straightforward and fun way to get that dough. While not all companies will compensate you in hard cash, you often get access to new products before anyone else.A beta tester tries out “cool, new, unreleased products” and offers an opinion to the app developers to make sure it’s #flawless before being released to the masses. Pro-tip: For focus groups, check out companies like Mindswarms, Focus Group.com, and Fieldwork.Here are our top 5 recommendations of the perfect side hustle for the millennial woman.(Bonus: we’ll tell you how to become the best in the part-time biz.) Rather than ranting on Twitter for free, get paid to tell people what you think! Brands are looking for (millennial) people to give them feedback all the time.I also have several adventurous family members who are willing to meet me on the business trip and babysit while I'm in meetings. While I'm away, I Skype or Facetime with my family every evening and show them what the city I'm in looks like. Travel food: what's your go to snack for a long day of meetings or long plane ride? I get on the new time zone immediately once the plane takes off; change my watch, drink lots of water and always do a stretch routine. I set two alarms so I don't toss and turn worrying about if I will get up on time.