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Pardon my bluntness, but it tells the tale of droves of young women who are apparently allowing themselves to be frequently and repeatedly used as nothing more than short-term repositories for men’s penises. Hardly, according to the report, which quotes women who never reach orgasm during these trysts and complain that 90 percent of the men out there are just a bunch of “fuckboys,” defined as young men who sleep with women “without any intention of having a relationship with them or perhaps even walking them to the door post-sex.” But the article notes women go along with it, swiping away at Tinder, texting pictures of their breasts and butt to random guys, and having one-night stands with complete strangers; some of these men still live with their parents, or suffer from erectile dysfunction, or send women unwanted dick pics – but the women still sleep with these men, described as callous womanizers.

Men cited in the article could care less than dirt about these women.

No one says to a man, dating more than one woman at a time makes you a slut!" jibes one headline; another piece pairs a photo of her in a black-and-white dress next to a photo of an orca whale: "Who wore it better?") as a springboard to explore America's position on public pregnancy in recent history, contrasting the Motion Picture Association's 1953 veto of the word . "Every few decades, an unruly female celebrity inflames the popular consciousness," writes Petersen, a Buzz Feed culture writer who dipped her toe in these waters in her first book, 2014's critically acclaimed S."What distinguishes our current cultural moment, then, is how thoroughly 'unruly' women have come to dominate the zeitgeist." The book's title refers to, respectively, actress Melissa Mc Carthy, rapper Nicki Minaj, and author Jennifer Weiner; other antiheroines include Serena Williams (too strong), Lena Dunham (too naked), and Hillary Clinton (too shrill)."Celebrities are our most visible and binding embodiments of ideology at work," Petersen writes, "the way we pinpoint and police representations of everything from blackness to queerness, from femininity to pregnancy."She's at her best when unpacking pointed groundswells of criticism, as she does in the chapter on Kim Kardashian and her highly visible, "unruly" first pregnancy—unruly because she refused to wear traditional maternity clothes, even after the weight gain that accompanied her early-onset preeclampsia, a serious condition.