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Validating and non validating xml parser

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For pugixml the compromise is as follows: any well-formed document often has to be transformed in certain ways by the time it reaches the user.

The transformations include end-of-line handling, attribute-value normalization and character reference expansion.

as an underlying format for application data model more preferable.

My reading of the XML Recommendation: The well-formedness constraint "Entity Declared" [1] does not apply to an XML document with an external DTD subset and which does not have a standalone declaration of 'no', since on-validating processors are not required to read external DTD subsets.The API follows a simple and mostly buffer-less design, and only consists of three functions: Be aware that simple is not necessarily easy or convenient.The API is relatively low-level and designed to integrate into pretty much any application and for any use case.Even a non-validating parser has to do some relatively resource-intensive validation work.When performance is the primary goal, a compromise must be reached between performance and conformance.Two other factors prompted me to develop Chilkat XML: (1) I hated the API presented by MS XML and all other existing XML parsers.